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Sede Via J.F. Kennedy 8 - Ferrara
Sede Via J.F. Kennedy 8 - Ferrara

What do we do

We deal with the delivery and management of different types of services: 3 parking spaces in structure, 4 garages, 1 Camper area, numerous street parking spaces. To Date we count a total of almost 4,000 parking stalls of which 902 are free, 69 stalls disabled, 9 pink stalls and about 800 subscribers.

Our car parks-located just minutes from the centre-are equipped with innovative systems for Payment as The Ferrara Tua App from which it is possible to activate, extend and pay only the actual duration of the parking, Checkout Machine (present at Centro Storico, San Guglielmo and Diamanti) from which you can pay with both currency and Credit Card and Atm (also Contactless) and 48 Smart and innovative parcometers equipped with payment system through money and Credit Cards and Contactless Atms from which it is also possible to extend the stopping time.


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