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Sede Via J.F. Kennedy 8 - Ferrara
Sede Via J.F. Kennedy 8 - Ferrara

APP Ferrara Tua “Parking with a click!”

We have created our own system of payment of the parking, valid only in Ferrara both in the parking on the road with blue stripes and in the Parking lots (San Guglielmo, Kennedy Centro Storico, Borgoricco and Diamanti) directly by smartphone.

Just Download the Ferrara Tua App, register and make the payment of the parking with the tariff in force in that area, without additional costs. A few steps Are sufficient to activate, deactivate and prolong the payment of the parking, without the need to go to the parking meters, paying only the “right” and saving time, avoiding the risk of incurring penalties.

One or more license plates of vehicles can be associated with their profile (substitute cars, cars of friends, family, employees and customers). You can then activate multiple stops simultaneously on different vehicles.

The new application is an integral part of a program of mobility initiatives studied and elaborated by Ferrara Tua S.r.l. with the aim of offering the most modern enabling technologies to the service of the citizen, to bring the innovation to human size and to provide An increasingly evolved access to services.


The Ferrara Tua App is free to download from Google Play
Store For Android devices And The App Store for IOS devices or
Usable as Webapp for all other operating systems by accessing the

The recording It is free and is done Directly from App, WebApp Or Via Social Login with Facebook or Google.


You can choose from:

Free Electronic Wallet recharge directly from your smartphone via credit cards, cards
Prepaid (Circuits Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners) or at The Front Office Of Ferrara Tua with PAYMENT via POS.

Contextual Payment for purchase by credit card transaction (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners circuits).

You will receive your receipt by e-mail When you purchase each recharge.


You can activate, stop or postpone a stop when you want to pay only for the actual use.

You will receive a notice directly on your smartphone when approaching the expiration of the Stop time whose duration can be extended with a single step.

The application allows the display of the history of the stops made.

PARKING spaces WITH Barriers

Stopping in the Convention car parks is even simpler through four simple steps:

Access the parking and normally withdraw the ticket to the post at the entrance.
you can proceed in two ways to pay for the ticket: sign in to the “Barrier Parking” section of the app and type the
Ticket code or scan the ticket barcode with your smartphone’s camera. At the end of the operation make sure to go to the exit within 15 minutes.
A screen will show the amount due current. The actual amount will be applied at the time of exit.
Finally, enter the ticket in the post at the exit of the barrier park exactly as if it had been paid to the automatic cashier.

General terms and Conditions

For More information Download the brochure